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Book a Custom Fitting Appointment

For the more discerning golfer we offer a complete club fitting experience at our state of the art studio based at the prestigious Moor Park golf club in Rickmansworth.  Using a state of the art GC Quad launch monitor renowned as the most accurate and complete club fitting tool available. We offer a huge choice of all the latest golf clubs from the best selling brands in golf.


Choose WOODS FITTING to try out all or any of the latest drivers, fairways and hybrids from the top brands in golf, our fitter will use the data to find the perfect head adjustment and shaft combination to deliver optimum performance

Choose IRONS/WEDGES FITTING to be fitted into the perfect set of irons and/or wedges to suit your game. We will measure every aspect to provide the perfect set up for you to deliver improved distance and accuracy made to measure for you.

Choose FULL BAG FITTING if you want to try and be fitted for woods and irons/wedges. We will ensure your gapping distances are perfected to suit your game.

Choose SPEEDY FITTING if you already have a good idea what you would like and so a fitting to compare a limited number of clubs would suffice.

For more information or if you would rather speak to someone to make a booking call us on 01923 836059

See the ball fly into the distance as every aspect of your shots are analysed with launch angle, spin rates, ball speed dispersion and much more. Static measurements such as height and wrist to floor will be checked so you are hitting the right length and lie during the appointment. The GC Quad even analyses the angle of the club at impact for the most accurate lie measurement possible.

This service gives you the opportunity to try out an enormous selection of different shafts and club heads from all the best selling brands in golf. Our trained fitter will help to narrow down the selection until you end up with the perfect head/shaft combination dynamically suited to your game.

At the end of the fitting you will be supplied with a breakdown of the clubs recommended, there is no obligation to buy. We will be able to offer your clubs at the lowest UK prices in line with our website, there is no surcharge for using this service but please note some non-standard shaft or grip options can be at an extra cost. Should you decide to go ahead and order the clubs will normally be available in 7-10 days.

To book a swing studio fitting call us on 01923 836059