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Mizuno Fairways Woods

Mizuno Fairway Woods

Mizuno fairway woods will help you keep that shot tight, and more importantly, away from the dreaded rough. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a competent club player, or low handicap golfer, these clubs can be tailored to meet the needs of almost anyone!

You’ll no doubt associate Mizuno with expert crafting and world-class premium irons. They truly are experts, with their research based on scientific data collected over 84 years in the golf-game.

As a new addition to their range, Mizuno has decided to introduce a selection of fairway woods for those times when a traditional iron just won’t cut it! They are an extremely versatile golf club to have at your disposal, allowing you to tee off with confidence or hit that score-smashing shot from the fairway.

These fairway woods have a deep-set face which gives more flex and more speed upon impact with the ball. Mizuno splits their fairway woods into two main categories – adjustable & non-adjustable.

The Mizuno ST180 fairway wood has an amplified soleplate which expands upon impact, increasing elevation and ball speed while pushing its weight forward to achieve a reduced spin rate. It also has 4 degrees of loft and lie adjustment to suit a range of terrain.

On the other hand, the Mizuno ST190 fairway wood will give you a little more power. The deep clubface made from HT1770 maraging steel gives you a flex much akin to a driver and that’s what will add that much-needed distance to your game.

If you’re looking for a club that oozes sophistication, is easy to use, and can be used to improve your all-round golf game, then you can’t go wrong with our selection of Mizuno fairway woods.

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