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Yonex Fairway Woods

Yonex Fairway Woods

Yonex has brought a revolutionary design to the market. The brand's range of Fairway Woods will add control, precision and direction to your stroke. The diagonal grooves implemented into the sleek structure of the club negate the water and moisture of the grass that affect the trajectory of the ball, allowing you to swing with confidence. The clean nature of the strike reduces the amount of spin on the ball, so you'll get further distance on your shot as the ball flies through the air.

Utilise the carbon crown on the head of the club to add a few yards to your shots and reach the green with comfort and precision. Once you add the Yonex Ezone Elite Fairway Wood to your collection, you'll never want to put down this club's light feel that can harness incredible power. The shallower and more compact club face has a larger sweet spot to help produce elevation, whilst maintaining stability on your stroke. Embrace the way Yonex Ezone Elite 2 provides more forgiveness as you navigate the ball around the course.

The innovative design of Yonex Ezone GT Fairway means the weight and strength of the club is focused on the key areas, so you can easily add more power and clout to your shot. A low and deep centre of gravity facilitates a longer flight and optimises the amount of distance - you'll be reaching the green with more control and ease than ever before.

With so many similar clubs on the market, it's a credit to the Yonex Ezone Elite Fairway Wood that it stands out from the crowd with its easy manoeuvrability and forgiveness. The lightweight shaft and wide head make this the perfect golfing partner for someone wanting to scratch a few numbers off their handicap.