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The Ultimate Golf Trolley Buying Guide

25 Aug 2017, 11:06 AM

The Ultimate
Golf Trolley
Buying Guide

If you've been carrying your clubs around for endless games of golf instead of using a cart, you're no doubt worn out and fed up. They aren't exactly lightweight to carry. However, it doesn't have to be a huge expense to invest in a golf trolley. Not only can they make your life a lot easier, they can also help you save your energy for the all-important task of hitting shots.

At Complete Golfer, we understand how complicated it can be knowing which to pick. There are hundreds of different types and brands, all of which offer slightly different choices. When it comes to manual pull-and-push trolleys, you will find these are a less expensive, lighter option in comparison with the electric trolleys. There is a choice between two or three wheels - the latter of which is typically pushed and the former of which is pulled behind you.
If you are used to playing on a flat course, you may find the two-wheel trolley is easiest to pull along, and also less expensive. The three-wheel trolleys remain particularly popular though, largely because of the fact they're light to move and more stable than some of the older two-wheeled designs. The newer designs often glide over the grass much easier thanks to larger wheels and smoother bearings. You may even find some designs include four wheels, which offer maximum stability.
For those who are just dipping their toe in the water with getting a golf trolley, a manual design can be a good starting point - largely thanks to how inexpensive they can be. They are known to last for many years and also don't require any time or money spent on charging the battery. When buying a manual trolley, a lot of the decision-making should be made in how it feels to pull or push it around. You are best off trying some out for yourself initially to see what feels most comfortable and sturdy, and how many wheels you feel works for you. If possible, ask sales assistants if you can try them on grass too. This is the most accurate way of knowing how it will perform when on the course.
Many do choose to opt for an electric trolley, however. They are used by players of all ages and help you to electronically transport your golf clubs to wherever you need them on the course. Typically, the battery power will last for between one and two rounds. When buying an electric trolley, some of the key questions you should look at asking include 'how long does the battery last on a single charge?', 'what is the lifespan of the battery?', and 'how quickly does the battery recharge?'. On average, you will pay more for an electric trolley, although it can be a good investment in the long-run - especially if you play golf regularly. An electric trolley requires a lot less manpower or effort to move it around, which means your focus can remain 100% on the game.
Although many electric trolleys can be all-singing, all-dancing, really the most important technical gadgets you need are battery indicators, power levels, and the time. It's not so critical for them to contain pedometers or devices that measure the distance you have travelled. These typically just tell you how far you have already gone, which isn't hugely useful. You might want to consider buying a matching golf bag at the same time as you get your electric trolley, as you can often get a good deal when you get the two together, and they often fit the trolley better than other brands.
At Complete Golfer, some of our most popular brands include manual & electric Powakaddy trolleys and manual & electric Motocaddy Trolleys. With the lithium models, both manufacturers offer a five-year battery warranty. All of the manual trolleys have three wheels and include elements such as an umbrella holder, foot break, easy folding mechanism and folding lock, insulated food and drinks pouch and bag straps.

The most critical question you need to ask when buying a golf trolley is whether the trolley you opt for will actually fit your golf clubs, or whether you're going to need to buy a new bag for those too. This can add to the cost of it. Many of the trolleys come with free accessories and you can speed up receiving them with next working day delivery. Ultimately, the choice is yours based on usage, requirements and cost.