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The SkyPro

SkyPro will change the way you practice forever and change the way you think about yourgolf swing. Please note this item contains the motion sensor which requires an Apple device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod (not supplied) to work with it.

By fitting SkyPros Powerful 3D Inertial Motion Sensor to your golf club and using it along with their FREE iPhone, iPod and iPad APP it will capture and show your swingand swing data.

You can view yourswing from any angle at any point during the shot on your device. The APP willshow you the swing path, club head speed, swing plane, clubface rotation, shaftangles and loads more info is sent from the motion sensor on the club. You canstore thousands of swings and compare each shot to your best swing.

Designed to work with the following Apple devices only:

iPhone 4 onwards, iPod Touch (4th & 5th gen) iPad 2, 3 and 4, iPad mini. Requires iOS 5.0 onwards



The SkyPro is quite simply the ultimate training aid, it has the power to dramatically improve your game and make the most of your practice time. This incredible gadget can also help get the most from your golf lessons with your pro. Works in conjunction with the free smart phone or tablet app to offer the most amazing feedback from each swing.

There is no doubt this will become one of the best selling swing trainers on the market, one of the reasons that set it apart is the clever calibration mode that sets the device to be perfectly in tune with your phone or tablet for unrivalled accuracy. This takes away the need for it to be perfectly lined up when fitted to the golf club.

The SkyPro app shows an incredibly accurate recreation of your swing on your device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) allowing you to view it from a range of angles and to replay and pause the swing at any point. It also gives you accurate measurements such as the angle the clubface at certain points i.e 3 degrees open or closed at impact etc as well as measuring length of backswing. You can set your own parameters to check your swing, if for instance you want the clubface to be as close to square (0 degrees) at impact or at the top of backswing you can easily set your own tolerances. If you set to plus or minus 2 degrees then your device will beep when you go beyond them, so if the clubface is 3 degrees open at the top of your swing or you overswing by this amount then the beep lets you know you have made a poor swing. Think about the advantage this will have on your practice time being able to feel the difference between a good swing and a bad one, its like having your own personal golf pro with you at all times.


SkyPro Features

- True 3D Playback of your swing in HD

- View your golf swing from all angles in real time or in slow motion

- Store and view thousands of swings

- Save favourite swings by club for comparison and future drills   

- Auto records your swing with no buttons to push

- Automatically transfers swing data to your smart phone or device

- Synchronize and compare two swings

- Built in alerts to help identify swing faults at certain points in the swing

- Works for both left or right handed players 

- The SkyPro allows the player to work on swing tempo, shaft lean and angles at address and impact, backswing length,  clubhead speed drills, swing path, angle of attack, face rotation and much more.


Product Details
Brand Skycaddie
Our Opinion

All of us were very intrigued when we heard about the new practice aid SkyPro. Having seen loads of different golf related App's and never being that impressed we were interested to see what Skycaddie had come up with.

After seeing the demo of the SkyPro we were astounded at how good the SkyPro performed, how accurate it was and how easy it was to use, it was simply fantastic. It took about 1 minute to fit the sensor on to the club and then calibrate it with the free app on the iPhone, after that we were off.

A few shots into the session and we could see the difference in the swings we were hitting, everything we felt in our swings was shown in the data on the phone, it was simply amazing. A great feature is to mark a good swing and shot and then every shot thereafter to be compared to that shot. It will show you how close you are to your perfect swing at several point of the swing eg backswing length and if you are long or short of your best one. 


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Product isn't rated yet.
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