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LitePower Lithium Batteries

LitePower Lithium batteries are up to 75% lighter than standard golf batteries and they are up to a 1/3rd of the size. All our Litepower batteries come with free next working day delivery at the lowest UK price, to place an order call us now on 01923 836059.

These lithium batteries are not only much more compact and lighter but they are longer lasting too!  all supplied with a 3 year warranty and are supplied to us by Motocaddy the electric trolley company. Purchase must be registered online at to receive 3 year warranty.
They are designed to work with almost all of the electric trolleys on the market such as Powakaddy, Motocaddy and Hillbilly. They come with the Powakaddy interconnect fitting as standard but by purchasing the seperate Torberry connector it can be used for a huge range of other makes.

Please note these Lithium Batteries require a dedicated charger designed for lithium and they will not work with standard lead acid battery chargers.

For more info or help and advice in finding out if the Lite Power lithium is suitable for your golf trolley please call us on 01923 836059.

Litepower Lithium batteries are a real must have for any keen golfer. They offer a standard 18 hole capacity and also an extended range one aimed at using it up to 36 holes. With every battery you get a matching Litepower charger. All the batteries come with an astonishing 3 year warranty, which shows the confidence Litepower have with their Lithium batteries. They will fit any trolley with the Interconnect fitting or with an adaptor can be used with all Torberry lead trolleys.

Charging of your Litepower Battery

Maintaining Litepower Lithium batteries is as easy as it gets. With every Litepower Lithium battery you will get a compatible charger included. Litepower offer 2 types of Lithium batteries, an 18 hole or and extended range aimed at completing up to 36 holes. Both batteries come with the Interconnect T Bar fitting or sold as an extra is the black and red Torberry lead fitting.

After you've purchased the battery and charger get the battery on charge and if possible leave it on for 24 hours. It takes just 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery but for the 1st initial charge it's worth leaving on to get the power up. It is not possible to over charge the battery, once fully charge the charger will only start to charge again if the battery drops in power. it is suggested that the battery is remained on charge whenever not in use, even if it's weeks or months.

Try not to use the battery more than the 18 or 36 holes that is recommended as this can damage the life if the battery. Always get the battery back on charge after use even if you've used it for less that the batteries capability and take it off charge whenever you're playing next.

Keep the Litepower Lithium battery charged in a warmish environment as cold floor or garages can drain essential power the wrong way out, this is also the case if you leave the battery plugged in the power socket but turn the switch off.

Litepower Lithium batteries are something us at highly recommend for any keen golfer. Without a doubt it will outlast all others batteries, it charges in half the time and comes with a great warranty.