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Complete Guide to Bushnell Golf Rangefinders in 2021

12 Mar 2021, 11:53 AM

Complete guide
to Bushnell Golf
Rangefinders 2021

If you're looking to improve your game with high-quality tech, then Bushnell should top your wishlist. Built for players of all skill levels, and designed to provide professional-grade information, Bushnell laser rangefinders are the ideal addition to any golfer's kit. Whether you're fresh and new to golf or an old hand looking to gain an advantage, a Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is a valuable piece of tech to own.

We've covered all you need to know about these unique pieces of tech, from the different options on the market to who the Bushnell golf rangefinder is best suited to. Read on for our complete guide to Bushnell Golf Rangefinders in 2021:

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What is a Bushnell Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is an innovative piece of tech that fits into just about any kit bag and completely revolutionises how many golfers play. With the press of a single button, a golfer can use the rangefinder to see exact distances between their person and any other area on a golf course. From bunkers to hazards to holes, rangefinders provide an accurate map of where everything is and a far better idea of yardage than you could ever figure out with the naked eye.

Bushnell is a specific brand of rangefinders, and in many circles is considered the best of the best when it comes to golfing technology. Used by professional players to improve their game, Bushnell rangefinders are the industry standard and well-known for their exceptional accuracy in the range of laser rangefinders on the market. If you want quality, reliability and practicality, Bushnell is always a good choice.

What types of Bushnell Rangefinder are available?

Instead of producing a wide range of different versions with wildly different price points, Bushnell has instead focused on quality and features when it comes to golf laser rangefinder products. With price points ranging from the 280 mark to around 450, Bushnell laser golf rangefinders certainly aren't bargain-basement prices but with that price point, you get high-quality results, reliable design, and professional-grade yardage measurements.

The current generation of Bushnell Rangefinder tools includes the following:

Bushnell Tour V5

With the inclusion of up to 6x magnification, the Bushnell Tour V5 is the perfect option for those looking for speedy pin seeker technology. The inclusion of advanced optics also makes your vision far better through the lens, allowing for more precise identification in combination with a visual jolt, which vibrates once a pin is captured. A simple bite magnet also allows for convenient storage on a golf buggy or metal frame, allowing easy access. A total of 3 batteries makes this model practical for even all-day usage.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift

With a new, red facelift, the Shift is a step above the classic V5 with an advanced slope adjustment algorithm that's designed to enhance accuracy significantly. Yardage identification is also upgraded with a slide switch to preset distances and the same magnet built-in for convenience getting from A to B. For those looking for an upgraded version of a classic, the V5 Shift is an excellent choice. Three total batteries are also included once again, allowing for maximum usage even when you're out and about all day long.

Bushnell Hybrid

So-named for its GPS/laser combined functionality, the Bushnell Hybrid is the perfect mixture of both technologies. Incredibly accurate range finding is achieved for specific pin locations and the front and back of the green. If you're after a rangefinder that offers instant accuracy for set yardages up to 1,000 yards the Hybrid provides a substantial standard of service. GPS provides a valuable way to identify hazards and bunkers, while the laser system operates through a different battery and offers exceptional accuracy via an LCD. The best of both worlds.

Bushnell Pro XE

As the name suggests, the Bushnell Pro XE is Bushnell's answer to professional-grade laser rangefinders. Advanced slope adjustment including temperature and altitude dramatically enhances this rangefinder's accuracy, while the option to switch between slope and tournament mode adds additional functionality. The bite magnet is once again present for ease of storage, while armoured, weatherproof casing provides an extra layer of security for use in even poor conditions. For professional-grade range finding, the Pro XE is top of the league.

Which options include Slope?

If slope is a key concern when it comes to your choice of Bushnell Rangefinder, both the Bushnell Pro XE and the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift come equipped with additional features specifically for slope. The Pro XE is the superior of the two, offering compensation for weather and providing a higher degree of accuracy. For the average golfer concerned about slope, the Tour V5 will be more than acceptable but for those looking to take it a step further, the Pro XE is your best bet for exceptional accuracy.

How long does a Bushnell Rangefinder last?

Every one of our Bushnell Rangefinder products come with a 2-year warranty as standard from the manufacturer. This reflects the minimum possible life for your rangefinder, though in many cases these pieces of tech can far outlast their specific warranty if well cared for and maintained. Batteries are the one exception to this lifetime, and you may need to invest in additional or fresh batteries further down the line to maintain the highest standards of functionality.

Which Bushnell Rangefinder is best for 2021?

That all depends on what, exactly, you're looking for. As a top of the range model, the Bushnell Pro XE is always a popular recommendation. Rugged, backed with up-to-date features and inclusive of slope technologies, the Pro XE ticks every box. But not every golfer needs top-tier gear to enjoy their time golfing, and when it comes to the middle of the road technology, the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is a more affordable and still convenient option.

For golfers that prefer to use multiple technologies, the Bushnell Hybrid with GPS and laser technology offers a little bit of both. However, many golfers prefer to either go for GPS or laser technology specifically, as combinations of the two often don't live up to the sum of their parts. The Hybrid does what it does well, and is a useful tool in the right hands, but won't be the best fit for every golfer.

Who should use a Bushnell golf rangefinder?

While there are many different opinions amongst golfers on who needs rangefinders, there is no limit to the type of golfer a Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinder can help. Designed for use on courses worldwide, Bushnell's technology is developed to be accessible to all. Whether you're brand new to golf and you want to invest in your hobby, or you're a seasoned veteran looking to upgrade your gear, Bushnell is an excellent choice.

With a brand marketed at all grades of golfers, from dedicated professionals to hobbyists, Bushnell is an excellent option for anyone interested in golfing. While they aren't the most affordable on the market, this is thanks to their technology's exceptional quality, the high degree of accuracy, and the durable, practical nature of every rangefinder design. If you're considering investing in a rangefinder, Bushnell is a practical and functional option.

What makes Bushnell different?

Why should you choose Bushnell for a rangefinder in 2021? Here's what makes this particular brand a great pick:


With a high degree of laser accuracy and the ability to recognise pins, Bushnell rangefinders have an all-over positive reputation for their degree of accuracy. While costly GPS systems have certain advantages, Bushnell can be considered best in class when it comes to laser accuracy.


With two of four of our stocked Bushnell rangefinders, including specific slope features, Bushnell's higher-cost versions consider these factors, resulting in even greater accuracy even in adverse weather.

Ease Of Use

Comfortable to use and practical to store, Bushnell rangefinders are built for use after use, without being unwieldy or uncomfortable to carry. Intuitive switches make the range-finding process even faster and easier for many models, while high-quality optics further enhance the process.


While Bushnell's rangefinders are certainly relatively chunky, they are no larger than the average digital camera and are practical to carry around even if you don't have a cart. That makes them an excellent piece of kit any day of the year.


With costs ranging from around 250-450, Bushnell can be relatively costly particularly if you're interested in the higher-grade models. However, this is reflected in the quality of the rangefinder itself, from the design's robust nature to the functionality.

Battery Life

Rechargeable batteries plus the inclusion of additional battery packs make Bushnell rangefinders a practical option for anyone on-the-go. With current models reported to last 40 or more rounds, the battery isn't a concern for the average golfer with Bushnell rangefinders.

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