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Bushnell V5 Rangefinder Frequently Asked Questions

Bushnell v5 Rangefinder frequently asked questions

What is the Bushnell Tour V5 rangefinder?

The Bushnell Tour V5 is a golfing laser rangefinder.
Laser rangefinders emit an invisible infrared laser beam to read distances.

You can use a laser rangefinder on any golf course in the world, point the device at a target and receive a distance reading within seconds.

Laser rangefinders are more precise than golfing watches or GPS rangefinders.

What are the standout features of the Bushnell V5 rangefinder?

  • 6x magnification
  • Upgraded optics deliver colour HD viewing
  • Pinseeker technology
  • Slope technology (V5 Shift Only)
  • Toggle between yards and metres
  • Outstanding yardage accuracy
  • Secure quick lock fixing for golf trolley
  • Ergonomically designed to put in the palm of your hand with a custom high-tack grip
  • Premium carry case

What upgrades does the Bushnell V5 deliver on the V4?

  • Improved speed and ranging capabilities
  • The V5 now displays in yards and metres
  • New JOLT technology for enhanced confidence the pin has been accurately targeted
  • Upgraded optics deliver 2 x the brightness of the V4
  • Now with 6x magnification compared 5x on the V4
  • New slope algorithm on the V5 Tour shift displays a "plays like" yardage adjusted for elevation

What is the difference between the Bushnell Tour V5 & Bushnell V5 Shift?

The main difference between the V5 Tour and V5 Shift surrounds the slope technology. 

Other than the Slope feature both of these rangefinders have the exact same specification.

During practice the Slope technology comes in very handy for determining how elevation change affects your shotmaking.  The feature can be switched on and off at leisure so that your V5 Shift can be legally used on tournament day too.

What distance range does the Bushnell V5 return?

The V5 will return distances from the longest golf hole imaginable.

The V5 Tour has a 1300-yard / 1188-meter range finding capability. Accuracy ranges with precision from five to 1,000 yards or up to 400 yards to lock onto a flag.

The longest par 5 in professional golf is the 13th at Heron Lakes, Portland USA - stretching to 773 yards.

The longest golf hole in the world is the par 7 at Gunsan Country club, South Korea, which measures 1,100 yards.

Does the Bushnell V5 Tour have slope technology?

The V5 Shift delivers Bushnell’s patented Slope Switch technology. This allows the golfer to easily toggle in and out of the device’s Slope function.

Slope returns compensated distances, adjusted for elevation (uphill, downhill etc), around the course when it is needed.
Accounting for slope is an important factor for lowering scores, but rangefinders with slope adjustment are generally not allowed in tournament play, certainly not in the pro game.

The V5 Tour standard model does not have slope technology.

What is Pinseeker?

Bushnell’s Pinseeker technology seeks out and locks onto the flag.

Such is the level of precision you can be assured that the V5 Tour has locked onto the pin and not a tree behind the green!

What is JOLT?

JOLT technology vibrates the instant the V5 Tour has fixed onto the pin. This instant feedback includes a red ring which appears in the viewfinder to confirm the target is locked in.

Is the Bushnell V5 waterproof?

Yes, the Bushnell V5 is rainproof.

How does the Bushnell V5 Tour fit to a golf trolley

BITE is Bushnell’s magnetic tech which securely fixes the V5 to any golf trolley.

There is no need for a further accessory to fit the V5 to your cart and you don't need to pop it back in the case between holes.
BITE securely fixes the device to any metallic surface.

The BITE mount delivers 7lb of pull strength meaning it will stay firmly in place no matter the bumps, mounds or clattering your trolley traverses on the course.

Is the Bushnell V5 Tour tournament approved?

The Bushnell V5 is a USGA conforming device that is legal for tournament play.

You will need to toggle Slope Switch off of course.

Does the Bushnell V5 Tour have an app?

When you purchase any Bushnell rangefinder you get access to a free app that can be downloaded to your Apple or Android phone.

The app has an assortment of accompanying features to enhance your use of the rangefinder and your game as a whole including hole distances, layouts and 3D flyovers.

Does the Bushnell V5 Tour come with a warranty?

The Bushnell V5 Tour laser rangefinder comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

What accuracy levels does the Bushnell V5 Tour
return distances to?

Distances are delivered with accuracy to one yard. This is the very best you will find on any laser rangefinder.