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Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder

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The Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder

Order the Bushnell Tour V3 today and choose either a FREE pair of binoculars worth £29.99 or 2  FREE extra batteries (3 in total) or a Bushnell Tri-fold velour towel. All come with a Bushnell carry case.



The V3 is the new version of the worlds best selling golf laser rangefinder the V2. It has a new improved casing that is more shock resistant and Bushnell have incorporated some new technology into this golf rangefinder whilst keeping its ultra compact ergonomic design. This is the Tournament model which is passed for use in competition play conforming to the R&A ruling.

Supplied with battery and upgraded carry case with attachment for golf bag.

The Tour V3 features Bushnells award winning pinseeker technology which has now been made automatic, this helps you to pick out the flag from distance without having to set the mode first. This allows even the unsteadiest of hands to zoom right in to the pin from distance and get the exact yardage you need quickly and easily.

New JOLT technology makes the unit vibrate in your hand when the Tour V3 has locked onto the pin so you know the yardage is correct. Feel the distance, feel the JOLT!

The Bushnell Tour V3 has 5x magnification which makes objects appear 5 times closer, this helps to pick out your targets from distance especially the pin. It has a range of 100 yards and will zero in on the pin from 300 yards away!

This is the first Bushnell laser rangefinder to offer the new jolt technology which lets you knowby vibrating when the flag has been selected so you know the distance is right rather that giving a yardage to the background trees.

This new model follows on from the incredibly successful Bushnell Tour V2 and features the same compact and user friendly design that made it so popular.

Features of the Tour V3

Automatic Pinseeker mode to pick out the flag fromdistance.

Accurate to within 1 yard

5-1000 yards range

300 yard range to flag

Hazard yardages, can display distance to bunkers, trees ditches etc.

5x magnification with high quality lense

Posi thread battery door with 3 volt battery

Premium carry case with magnetic closing

Rainproof construction

Reinforced casing for protection.

What's In The Box

The Bushnell Tour V3 comes supplied with nylon case and battery, plus extra free accessories as chosen

Product Details
Brand Bushnell
Golf Rangefinder Type Golf Laser Rangefinder
Our Opinion

Without a doubt the Bushnell Tour V3 is a fantastic bit of kit. This is going to be the long term replacement of the very popular Tour V2 and arriving with improvements. It remains a very compact unit and usable with just one hand, it can pick out a pin up to 300 yards and has a range of up to 1000 yards.

The very special new feature of the Bushnell Tour V3 is the vibrating jolt technology. The unit will jolt when the laser picks up a flag as well as highlighting the pin icon inside the eye view. This feature leaves no doubt to whether or not the golfer is getting the correct yardage. 

The Bushnell Tour V3 comes supplied with a Bushnell premium carrying case that can be attached to the golf bag for easy reach and also a battery so its ready to go from the box.

Despite fierce competition from the GPS market such as the ever popular golf watches the V3 has remained our strongest seller across the whole category. Sales continue to increase year on year and looks set to continue as the demand for the most accurate distance device remains as strong as ever.  

Average Customer Rating:
based on 21 reviews.

J Marchant
Great service
Thanks for a super fast delivery, texted time delivery slot saved me waiting in all day. Great present for hubby sure he will be over the moon. Will use you again thanks
M T Mehta
Cant fault it has helped me tremendously with my wedge play, I now have a swing to suit any distance from 60-100 yards. Just need to work up through my irons now. The jolt is a real help in getting the pin. Great service and quick delivery
Mr B Grieve
Bushnell tour v3
Decided its time to stop messing around with GPS, had all sorts of devices over the years giving me numerous headaches with syncing downloading etc. Also putting up with problems like screen freezes and occasional dodgy yardages. This is all a thing of the past for me now, I still have a gps watch but now I have a V3 I simply don't look at it, why do you need front middle and back when you can get to the pin?<br/><br/>Really simple and quick to use and works great on bunkers trees etc
Cant be without it now, invaluable to any serious golfer. The jolt works really well and I love the confidence I get from knowing the exact yardage
Mrs Watkins
Tour v3
I think this is the way to go for everyone, just leave it in your bag and its ready to play every time. I hated my old GPS that I had to keep charging and downloading courses, the V3 does away with all that just point and shoot. Also does to the pin and I think yardages are much more trustworthy than GPS. Very happy with the cart mount that came with it as it is always to hand on my golf bag.
Tom Courtney
Can't Play without it now!
I received my Bushnell Tour V3 about 2 weeks ago now, and i can honestly say i would struggle to play without it. Knowing exactly how far i have to the pin or other obstacles makes my club selection 10 times easier. I can swing with confidence. The Jolt technology is awesome, i used a friends once before and i was never sure if i 'lasered' the pin, but now i am never in doubt. Excellent buy and excellent service &amp; next day delievery from completegolfer too.
stan hedderman
Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the V3 as I was aware that there are 2 models above it, for once i resisted the temptation to buy the dearest one.<br/><br/>Does exactly what you need it to but would have preferred it to be rechargeable although could be an advantage when I go away as don't need to pack another charger.
Ranjit Chopra
Tour v3 = lower scores
Has to help ANYONE, its great I have leant more about distance control in the last week of using m,y neW BUSHNELL TOUR V3 than i have in my entire golfing career. A must have for any golf nut like me
S Gold
Pleased as punch
Very happy with purchase, not sure whether to go for GPS watch or the Tour V3 but made the right decision, its accuracy makes all the difference my playing partners are always guessing with their GPS to allow for pin position but this works a treat straight to the pin. At the end of the day the only reason you buy any device is to get accurate yardages and this is far more accurate than GPS so why buy anything else?
B Dein
excellent item
The v3 seems to have the market sewn up and its easy to know why. Its very simple to operate and gives the yardages you need in seconds. Bushnell has been recommended to me by all my golf colleagues who said it is the only brand to buy in laser.
Excellent product great service, thanks for the free gifts
David Ennis
Can only say good things about the Bushnell Tour V3, does exactly what it says on the tin. Gives you a yardage in a flash and very easy to pick out the pin. Was warned against the slope edition though which was lucky as didn't realise that would get you disqualified from a competition. Not overly impressed with cart mount as it seems a bit plasticy but hey it was free
I Norris
Great for practice
Found it ideal for measuring shots on the practice ground, yet to take it on the course
Jamie Reynolds
Tour v3 works
Excellent product, this is my 3rd Bushnell rangefinder and have always found them to be quality. Not totally convinced by jolt function but I have to say it is so easy to pick out the pin even compared to my old V2. A wise purchase
Mike Davies
A real shotsaver
I just wanted to say how pleased with my purchase I am, i had it sussed by the end of the 1st hole and found it very easy to get the yardages i needed. Clearly trumped my mates both in speed and accuracy compared to their GPS devices. Really like the case as well, this is my first serious purchase on a golf rangefinder and could not recommend Bushnell enough.<br/><br/>The one to buy!
A Howard
First class Bushnell v3
One thing I did not consider when purchasing this was how important the case is. The case is much better than my old Bushnell 1500 which was too large and bulky and hard to get out this one can be left open and makes it very easy to get the thing out quickly . Can't say I need the vibrate alert but really like the button and how quick it picks out the pin. Would like to see them make it rechargeable though and pref with the option to use a normal battery as well
Mr J Anderson
Excellent product well done Bushnell
Great accessory and the most usefulm thing I have purchased for my golf game since I started. Very easy to use straight from the box and a real quality feel to the unit even down to the smart new case.
Bushnell wins
Just received my V3 yesterday and already have made my playing partners jealous! It is so quick to get a yardage and it picks out targets very easily, in our 4 ball this is the clear winner as far as rangefinders go, we all agreed it is a much better piece of kit than the other brands we had amongst us.<br/><br/>A real quality item you wont be disappointed
E Rance
Great item
Have to say I am chuffed with my purchase I was a previous owner of the Tour v3 which I had for some years and sadly left by a tee on a course in Spain! but this new Tour v3 is a massive improvement I find it easier to lock onto the pin as it seems to have a wider capture are for the flag if that makes sense. Its is also quicker to give the yardage and the vibrate alert really helps for your confidence to knwo you have the flag.<br/><br/>The unit feels like metal but is just as light as my old Bushnell. ALso think the case is improved as well because I can leave it open and just secure with the clip instead of having to do up the zip every time. Would definatrely recommend this item and by from Completegolfer as their advice and speed of delivery was the best i have ever come across
D Charva
Bushnell Tour V3
Onlu used it twice but the Tour V3 is already looking like the best investment I have ever made in golf equipment.Whats the point in buying a new driver to0 hit it further if you then take the wrong club for your 2nd shot?, the Bushnell V3 makes sure you dont.<br/><br/>Has really helped my pitch shots as I have started to recognise the difference between a 60 yard pitch and an 80 yard, I now think more closely about distance control.<br/><br/>As regards the actual product there is no denying its a great piece of kit engineered to a high standard as it does what you would expect but does it easily and that the makr of a quality product. Thanks to the website for a quick delivery as promised
Ronan Jaye
Bushnell tour v3
Would definately recommend the Tour V3 it looks like they have really improved on the V2 it feels much better quality. I love the vibrate alert when the pin is picked out ir really helps. Had a gps unit before but this is streets ahead giving yardages to the pin, what good is the centre of the green when the flag could be 15 yards away from it. Even the case is the business

Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder
Average Customer Rating: based on 21 reviews
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