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Powakaddy FX5 Golf Trolleys

The FX5 has some more advanced features compared to the entry level model. Automatic distance function allows you to send the trolley off for 15,30 or 45 yards so you can send it up the fairway or off towards the next tee. A handy USB charging port under the handle can keep your phone or GPS device full of power.


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Powakaddy FX5 Electric Golf Trolley 2024 Standard Range Powakaddy FX5 Electric Golf Trolley 2024 Standard Range

Powakaddy FX5 Electric Golf Trolley 2024 Standard Range

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The Powakaddy FX5 golf trolley is popular worldwide. It's the ideal option for golfers who are after increased performance as well as added features. This Powakaddy golf trolley offers a unique Plug 'n' Play battery system which is lightweight and easy to use. The battery delivers 20% more power through its high-efficiency drive train which is virtually silent. To give the Powakaddy electric trolley range an even longer life, inside every battery is an advanced Battery Management System (BMS).

The FX5 provides a one-click folding system which is much smaller than the previous Powakaddy FW5s Freeway model. Other features include a 2.8 inch OCA mid-size full-colour windscreen display, USB charging point along with an ADF (automatic distance function). This Powakaddy golf trolley also has HET or greater downhill control, a height-adjustable soft-touch handle, anti-tamper dial control as well as a high performance, low-profile PowaFrame chassis.

With its stealth black finish the FX5 is stylish and great to look at. Having stealth wheels helps the unit to glide across a golf course without any effort. The new wheel design battery indicator uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the battery is discharged less so you can use the FX5 for even longer. When it comes to Powakaddy accessories, the trolley doesn't disappoint. The automatic distance function lets you send a trolley off for 30, 40 or 45 yards so you can send it up the freeway or off towards the next tee. The trolley also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Also compatible with Powakaddy Mag-lock bags, the magnet is supplied when you purchase one of the latest Powakaddy bags with the feature and simply attaches to the bag holder at the base eliminating the need for a bottom strap.

Frequently asked questions on the Powakaddy FX5

I only play 18 at a time is it better to get the bigger battery anyway?

The latest technology in the lithium batteries have increased power and reliability they will complete 18 holes comfortably, even on the most demanding courses in the toughest conditions with room to spare. It is not necessary to upgrade unless you plan to play more than 1 round on a single charge.

What does ADF stand for?

Automatic distance function see below

What is the difference between the Powakaddy FX3 and FX5?

Whilst the trolley frames are of identical design there are some advanced features for the FX5. It comes in a premium gun metal finish and contains handy upgrades like the USB charging socket in the handle as well as the ADF (advanced distance function). This allows you to send the trolley off on its own for a set distance of 15,30 or 45 yards. It also has a wider 2.8” display on the handle

Does the FX5 have GPS?

No, see FX7 GPS or CT6 and CT8 GPS models

How long is the warranty on the FX5?

2 years on the trolley and 3 years on the battery provide its registered on Powakaddy website after receipt