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Powakaddy FW3s best seller?

18 Oct 2018, 1:59 PM

The FW7s range now has 4 models, the standard, EBS electronic braking system, GPS that displays yardages and the GPS EBS that has every function available. The GPS feature is particularly popular as having front, middle and back yardages displayed clearly on the trolley handle is a great asset that can improve your game. A 3 year warranty

The model below - the FW5s has the same attractive gunmetal finish as its more expensive counterpart but whilst it is more basic in features it has 2 that stand out as probably the most useful - EDF and USB charging port. EDF stands for electronic distance function and allows you to send the trolley up the fairway for 15,30 or 45 yards before coming to a stop.

With all these models available why does the entry level FW3s remain the best seller? One explanation is the long held myth that 'less to go wrong' is a good basis for your purchase, that may have been the case in years gone by but these days the trolleys are exceptionally reliable and issues are extremely few and far between and the more feature laden models do not offer any cause for concern. Powakaddy confidence in the flagship FW7s and compact C2i models is such that they offer the enhanced 3 year warranty on the trolley.

Secondly and probably somewhat more of a valid argument is that a lot of consumers do not feel they would get the use of the more advanced features preferring to stay safely with the most basic controls. Whilst EDF and GPS can be a real help to anyones game they are bound to appeal to the more technically minded.

Whichever way you decide is best for you its great that there is so much choice in the range to get the model thats going to make your golf as enjoyable as possible. The electric trolley market has moved along way in recent times to make them a pleasure to use.