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Powakaddy Electric Trolleys

We supply a range of Powakaddy electric trolleys including the brand new model the Powakaddy FW3. All our Powakaddy Electric Trolleys are supplied at the lowest UK price and all come with FREE next working day UK delivery.

All Powakaddy electric trolleys come with a 2 year warranty and a full nationwide UK back up service for complete peace of mind.

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The new FW range is based around a tried and tested trolley frame and is available in 3 different models with varying features on the handle as shown below. Choose your model and then choose your battery option, prices above include the standard 18 hole plug and play battery and charger.

The new 2014 range of Powakaddy electric trolleys are available with a choice of battery options, prices above are for the standard 18 hole lead acid battery but can be upgraded to meet your needs as shown below.

 If you see a Powakaddy electric trolley cheaper elsewhere please call one of our advisors on the above number or click the contact us link at the bottom of the page to email us the link.

If we cannot improve on the deal you have seen we will simply send you a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls worth over £30 free of charge, contact us now for full terms and conditions of this genuine offer.

Powakaddy Electric Trolley Articles
>Powakaddy Electric Trolleys - Can they help your game

Powakaddy electric trolleys have been around for many years now and they have enable thousands of golfers to be able to continue to play through illness or disabilities that otherwise may have had to give up the game.

They are incredibly easy to use and they allow the golfer to focus 100% on their golf game. Research over the years has proved that using an electric trolley means you arrive at your golf ball in better shape to hit it! Pulling a trolley manually can have a negative impact on your swing due to the effort required and the twisting of your back to pull it along the fairway. Carrying your golf clubs can have an even more negative effect on your body exaggerating any aches and pains you may have.

The beauty of using a Powakaddy electric trolley is that you do not have to worry about how much gear you stuff into your golf bag. It will take the burden of carrying all the clothing, accessories and waterproofs you might require during a round so you can be ready for any eventuality. How many of us try and bring the bare minimum of equipment when you have to manually lug it round the course, hoping that the weather stays predictable.

It is a proven fact that golfers who use an electric golf trolley will be in better shape towards the end of the round helping avoid those costly 'tired' swings that ruin so many scorecards.

Its a simple fact that tired golfers will find it harder to concentrate, we can't all train like Tiger Woods and become athletes to get us round the golf course so we all need a little help. We all know the feeling of the wheels coming off towards the end of a good round so a little help from your trolley can increase stamina and concentration often lost through fatigue.

Powakaddy also sell a comprehensive range of very well thought out accessories for your electric trolley all of which can have a beneficial effect on your game.
>Powakaddy Electric Trolley Accessories

There are many Powakaddy accessories available for your electric trolley and they all designed to make your game that little bit easier.

Here are some examples of the add ons available for your Powakaddy electric trolley-

Powakaddy Umbrella holder- This is one of the most useful and a vital add on for an all weather golfer. It attaches firmly to the trolley handle and can be easily adjusted to any angle to suit. Its designed to place your open umbrella into it so that you can play your shot and keep your clubs dry at the same time. It also means that the umbrella is conveniently to hand to carry on keeping you dry much quicker. The umbrella holder can be very easily removed for storage although the British weather is rarely predictable enough to do this!

Powakaddy Travel Bag- This is a sturdy nylon carry case for your electric trolley with a zip all the way round for convenience. It makes the trolley easy to carry with the handles supplied and it will keep your boot clean. A great purchase for the travelling golfer.

Scorecard Holder- There are a few different types depending on what model of trolley but this is a very convenient extra for marking your card, a pencil will always be to hand and you ca also store a few balls and tees in there as well.

Powakaddy Rain Cover- this is one of those essential items to make sure you are making the most of your Powakaddy electric golf trolley. Another huge benefit over your playing partners that are carrying their clubs around getting all of them soaked through along with their gloves and clothing. Simply attaches around your golf bag offering unbeatable storm protection for all your clubs and bag pockets.

GPS holders- Those golfers that use a rangefinder will love the convenience of a purpose built cart mount, never have to worry about leaving it behind and it ensures the display is always to hand and quick and easy to read.

Using the right accessories can help make your game easier and giving you a massive advantage in adverse conditions.

>Electric Trolley - Too Young To Use One?

There used to be a stigma surrounding Powakaddy electric trolleys that they were designed for old men, that is far from the case now.

Younger and younger people have come to the realisation that they are a huge help to their golf game and any advantage available cannot be missed. Manually pulling or carrying a set of clubs around many miles of undulating golf course is hard work for anyone even the real fitness fanatics, the fact remains that the more a round of golf takes out of you the more your game will suffer. Those costly lapses of concentration we all suffer from will always become more frequent the more tired we get, the pros have a caddy for a reason!

In the competitive world of junior golf the amateur scene is dominated by youngsters who use electric trolleys, even at their age there is a significant advantage to playing the game in a fresher state of mind. Wander along to any county competition and you will see the vast majority all have electric golf trolleys, normally with huge golf bags that no doubt carry anything they could need during a round of golf.

The electric trolley market has been growing and growing over recent years and this is simply due to the fact that a much wider age group is now using them.

You only need look at the funky designs of trolley with their electric screens and flash colours to realise that brands like Powakaddy are targeting the younger audience.

Powakaddy Electric Trolley Warranty Information
>Powakaddy Electric Trolley 2 Year Warranty

Powakaddy offer a 2 year warranty on all new electric trolleys purchased from us. This comprehensive warranty offers real peace of mind against your trolley developing any issues throughout this period. The warranty extends to the trolley itself and the battery charger. Lithium batteries are also covered for 2 years but standard lead acid batteries carry a 1 year warranty.

It will be necessary for the trolley to be inspected by an approved Powakaddy service centre such as us before and repair work or replacement will be approved. To identify the cause of the problem sometimes the battery and charger will also need testing to make sure the problem is fully rectified.

There are a network of service agents throughout the UK who are authorised by Powakaddy to diagnose problems and carry out any repair work needed. They will cover any approved warranty work provided the electric trolley is within the warranty period regardless of which UK retailer sold the item. 

The warranty covers all defects on the items although does not extend to accidental damage or neglect and will be invalid if the trolley has been modified in any way.


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