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Powakaddy batteries
batteries for Powakaddy
powakaddy battery
battery for powakaddy

Powakaddy Batteries

Our Powakaddy batteries are the official products supplied by Powakaddy UK. All our batteries for Powakaddy trolleys carry a full 1 year manufacturers warranty. Please note that only the official Powakaddy charger is recommended for use with these batteries to ensure the full life span.

We stock a huge range of Powakaddy batteries to cater for a wide range of their trolleys including the new plug and play style for the 2014 machines. All our prices include a FREE next working day delivery service with a one hour time slot which will be texted/emailed to you on the day of delivery. 
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We keep in stock all the batteries for Powakaddy electric trolleys, our stock is always turned over rapidly so you can be assured of receiving a 'fresh' Powakaddy battery rather than one that has been kept in stock for a long time reducing its lifespan.

Powakaddy have used a number of different battery connections over the year and we stock all of them, if you need help and advice in making sure you get the right one to fit your trolley call us on 01923 836059.
Battery options for new trolleys
>18 Hole Plug & Play lead acid battery

The 2014 models of Powakaddy trolleys feature the 'plug and play' battery system. The 18 hole lead acid version comes in a plastic holder with a carrying handle that simply drops into the battery tray and will connect itself automatically. This means that there are no wires on show at all which completes the neat design of the FW3, FW5 and 7 trolleys.  Inside the holder is a normal lead acid 20amp battery which is connected internally.

The trolleys are designed to work with any of the 4 battery types that are available for them i.e the 18 hole plug and play lead acid, extended lead acid as well as the 18 and 36 lithium plug and play.

The battery requires the new 3 pin charger of which there is only one type that is capable of charging lead acid or lithium batteries. 


>Extended Lead acid battery for plug and play trolleys
The lead acid extended range option for the new 2014 trolleys comes in a nylon carry case with the 3 pin connecting lead. The trolleys require an extra tray fitting which adapts the battery tray to suit this battery, this is normally supplied with the trolley when you buy it with the extended battery option otherwise this can be purchased separately to allow it to fit securely.

The tray adaptor simply clicks in and out of the trolley so you can alternate easily with the plug and play 18 hole battery or lithium versions.

the extended battery will complete 36 holes subject to course conditions and weight of bag etc and it is considerably more powerful than the standard 18 hole.
>Plug and play lithium batteries

Available in 2 sizes, 18 hole or 36, the lithium batteries sit flush on the battery tray of the new 2014 FW range of trolleys. They offer a considerably better lifespan than the standard lead acid batteries. They also come with a 5 year limited warranty which means a straight replacement for the first 2 years following purchase and a discounted purchase price for the 3 years after.

They have a much quicker charging time, approx 5 hours and they hold their charge better which means they do not have to be left permanently on charge. They are also incredibly light, just 2kg for the 18 hole and 2.8kg for the 36.


More Information On Powakaddy Batteries
>Powakaddy battery 20 amp (slimline 18 holes)

This is a battery for Powakaddys manufactured from 2009 onwards approx. It is the standard 18 hole battery that comes with almost all new Powakaddy trolleys including the Freeway and the Sport. 

It is much slimmer and lighter than the Powakaddy batteries that used to come with the older machines but it is still guaranteed for 18 holes just the same.

Please note that this battery does not fit the Powakaddy Freeways with the older style battery tray (prior to 2009 approx)

Hillbilly Terrains also use this same battery as well as the older Compact Plus machines although these normally have the Torberry style lead connectors.

These batteries are the official Powakaddy products and carry their full year warranty. Charges using the standard Powakaddy interconnect charger.

>Powakaddy battery 24 amp/ Extended
This is one of the most commonly used batteries for Powakaddy electric trolleys. It is the standard size battery that all Powakaddy trolleys used to come supplied with prior to about 2009. It is now called an extended range battery as it will do more holes than the standard 18 hole slimline 20amp batteries that the new trolleys come with.

Powakaddy freeways and Classic Legends made prior to 2009 approx require this size battery as the slimline 20 amp will not stay upright in the battery tray.

The dimensions of this battery are 18cm x 14cm x 18cm high (approx)

We only stock the official batteries for Powakaddy to ensure that they have a reliable lifespan and are the correct voltage etc to work with their trolleys and chargers.

>Powakaddy battery 33 amp (36 holes)


This is the most powerful lead acid battery for Powakaddys electric trolleys. It is larger and heavier than the 18 hole Powakaddy batteries but it fits all the Powakaddy electric trolleys manufactured from 2009 onwards with the exception of the Touch.

This Powakaddy battery will do 36 holes on any standard Powakaddy machine with the exception of the remote control Robokaddy which it will only power for 18 holes approx.

The dimension of these Powakaddy batteries are 20cm x 13cm x 18cm high.

The 36 hole battery will sit flat side down on the later versions of the Powakaddy Freeway, Freeway II and Powakaddy Sport.

We recommend only using the official Powakaddy charger with this battery to ensure the correct charging for a longer life.

Care Of Your Powakaddy Battery
>Powakaddy Battery Care
The first and most important thing about caring for your Powakaddy battery is to keep it on charge constantly when not in use, even when thats for months on end! The later Powakaddy chargers have a trickle mode which just keep it gently topped up to help to extend its life. It is also important to make sure your battery is put on charge as soon after playing as you can, don't leave it lying around discharged as this will shorten its life.

It is vital that an official Powakaddy charger is used as this gives precisely the right output to keep it in perfect condition, using another brand of battery will also invalidate the warranty. It is always worth getting the output of your charger checked from time to time by a Powakaddy approved service centre to ensure it is working correctly.

Always avoid charging the battery on a cold floor, particularly a concrete garage floor as this will again cause a reduced lifespan.

Lead acid batteries are available in 3 different sizes from the 20amp slimline 18 hole battery to the 30amp 36 hole battery, the Powakaddy charger will work with all 3 types just the same.

Lithium batteries are treated just the same way as the lead acid and whilst they are considerably more expensive they are not only much lighter but have a much increased lifespan.

Powakaddy lead acid batteries have a 1 year warranty and the lithiums carry a 2 year guarantee. Should your battery develop a problem within the guarantee period take it a long to your nearest service agent along with your charger, they will test it (normally overnight) and if found to be faulty will be able to replace it straight away. It does not matter where the battery was purchased from as long as you have the receipt.

Should the agent find no fault with either then the next step is to get your trolley inspected to see if that is at the root of the problem.

Generally we would expect a lead acid battery to last a minimum of 18 months during normal use but following the correct charging procedure should improve on this. The lifespan of a Powakaddy battery can also be shortened if it is unused for a long period of time, they are best being used regularly for 18 holes.

>Which battery is right for you

Powakaddy make 2 different size batteries for their trolleys, so what one would suit your needs?

They offer a 20 amp 18 hole and a 24 amp extended power battery. The slimline 20 amp 18 hole battery is aimed at all Powakaddy trolleys that were made from 2009 onwards. These trolleys require less power than some of the earlier models so the lower amperage will get round 18 holes without a problem.

Powakaddys 24 amp battery is aimed at all Powakaddy trolleys that were purchased up to and including 2008. This battery will fit all models including the Freeway, Freeway Sport, Freeway Sport Digital, Classic and legend to name a few.

This battery is called an extended range battery as it has a greater power capacity thant the standard 18 hole batteries. It can be used on all of Powakaddy models excluding the Touch or Highway. It's the largest battery in Powakaddys range in size and amperage. 

All of our batteries come with a full one-year guarantee to last the full 18 holes or more holes if you go with the 24-amp. They all come with a matching carry case bearing the Powakaddy logo.

It is recommended that you always keep your battery on charge as soon as soon as you finish playing and only take it off charge when you play your next game. They suggest that you use a Powakaddy charger and charge the battery in a well ventilated room not on a cold concrete floor. Never use the battery for more than 18 holes of golf unless you have purchased the extended  type. Following these simple steps with hopefully prolong the life of your battery.

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