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Ping G25 irons

Ping G25 irons with STEEL SHAFT
The Ping G25 irons with steel shaft offer supreme game improvement technology designed to produce a higher launch, extra distance and maximum forgiveness. It has a new sleeker profile compared to the previous G20 model for all round versatility and more controllable short irons.

Progressive sole widths offer larger soles with lower centre of gravity in the longer irons gradually changing to slimmer soles for cleaner striking short irons. The clubface has been made as thin as possible to allow Ping to redistribute the weighting to the perimter and the base of the club to lower centre of gravity and increase MOI (resistance to twisting with off centre strikes)

High trajectory, distance and forgiveness all packaged in a new sleeker head design with a lightweight steel shaft. The G25s are sure to keep Ping right at the top of the irons market. A great all round set of Ping irons that will appeal to a wide range of golfing abilities and handicaps.
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Product infoCustomer reviews (2)  

Ping irons have a well founded, long standing reputation for solid, dependable performance combined with impressive distance and above all real game improving forgiveness. The G25 follows on and improves upon the previous models the G15 and G20. They look sure to follow their footsteps and remain one of the best selling sets of irons in the world.

One notable improvement is the thinner sole design of these clubs which is progressive as you move from the longer irons through to the short irons and wedges. Put simply they have a wider sole where you need it in the long irons and this gradually thins out through the set so that the short irons and wedges are much more playable for added control and better strikes on all surfaces.
Consider adding a U wedge (also known as gap or approach wedge) to the set as at 50 degrees it perfectly fills the gap between the pitching wedge (45 degrees) and the sand wedge (54 degrees). Also available is the 58 degree matching lob wedge.

Features of the G25 irons
-Low-toe weighting for stability and forgiveness
-Slimmer profile short irons for added control and playability
-Multi material cavity badge to improve feel and sound
-Custom tuning port to lower centre of gravity
-Progressive soles for all round shot control
-Support bars in back cavity for higher ball speed
-Fitted with Ping CFS steel shaft
-Fitted with Ping grip available in choice of thickness

The Ping G25 irons come fitted in a choice of shafts and can be supplied fully custom fitted to your own specification. Please call us if you require help and advice in getting the irons suitable for you.

About Phil
Great irons
by Phil, 18 Jun 2013
These are great irons and will suit all handicaps. I play off 11 and love the way they look like the classic pings of old. 4 iron is so easy to hit. These will bring down your scores. These have a great look and great forgiveness
About Mick Tenby
Playing for:14 years
Ping G25 has transformed my game
by Mick Tenby, 8 Jun 2013
Having tried about 5 different brands in the last 2 years I cant believe the difference to my game the G25 irons have made, they are pur class.

Hit it nice and high which helps me and with superb accuracy which I have laked with some of the other brands. A true quality set of irons

Ping G25 Irons

You can always count on Ping for an easy to use dependable set of irons, following on from the G range of irons dating back to the G2 model these new clubs are their easiest and longest yet. The predecessors to this new set of Ping irons had bulkier more cumbersome soles throughout the set and Ping have now managed to make them sleeker with the wide sole becoming progressively slimmer as you move towards the short irons. This makes them much more versatile from all turf conditions and even in hard ground will make it easier to catch the ball cleanly.

They feature the thinnest face ever produced in a set of Ping irons and this has a number of advantages further adding to the distance achieved and the improved results  of poorly struck shots. The irons are packed full of new technology including a multi material cavity badge which is engineered to promote a better sound and a more solid feel, crucial for all levels of golfer. The G25 irons will have an even wider appeal from beginners to accomplished players thanks to their combination of sleeker looks and improved forgiveness.

As usual with Ping irons the customisable options available are endless beginning with their famous colour code system so you can get the lie just right for your height and stance. A simple measurement from the crease in your wrist to the floor will help determine which colour code is required to get the clubs sitting perfectly at address and remaining square through impact. In addition you can choose from a range of shaft lengths to suit anything from + or - 2 inches, all of which is achievable by ordering in the clubs tailor made from Pings factory in Gainsborough, this process normally takes only 7 days for receipt of your custom made irons.
There is also a number of choices with the grip, Ping manufacture a number of different thicknesses again identified by colour, standard is black and white, gold and orange are midsize and jumbo as well as some thinner choices too.
The standard steel shaft the Ping CFS is lightweight and has been designed to perform best with the G25 head, it has broad appeal to all levels of golfer and really should be the shaft of choice for almost all golfers going for this iron. Ping however offer a range of custom steel shafts to suit the stronger player such as the KBS, Project X and True Temper Dynamic Gold ranges.

Expect a big presence of G25 on the European and PGA tours this year as these irons are going to be huge and are sure to keep Ping as one of the forerunners of iron technology.

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