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Golfbuddy are one of the market leaders in the GPS rangefinder market. Golfbuddy do not charge any download fees or subscriptions for courses and this makes the range excellent value.

All our Golfbuddys are sent on a free next working day UK service at the lowest UK price guaranteed.

Every Golfbuddy unit can hold 40,000 courses in its memory eliminating the need to have to keep downloading them. Golfbuddy GPS are accurate to within 1 yard making them an essential companion for any golfer.

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All our GolfBuddy units come with the full 2 year UK warranty and back up service from GolfBuddy technical support. 

GolfBuddy Rangefinders - The Line Up
>GolfBuddy Platinum

The GolfBuddy Platinum is a new updated model which replaces the best selling GolfBuddy World Platinum. It has all of the features that helped to make it one of the best selling golf GPS rangefinders on the market but with a few neat refinements.

It now has  an improved resolution screen with an enhanced touchscreen controls, it also has significantly better battery life than the old model.

GolfBuddys strength is in the quality of its mapping and worldwide coverage of courses all of which come preloaded on this hand held device, approx 40,000 courses!

The Platinum has auto course recognition and simply requires turning on before your round for it to locate the course you are playing. It is the ultimate in simplicity as there is no need to download courses and there are no ongoing fees of any kind. The hole layout screen is fully interactive through the touch screen feature, simply touch any where on the screen to get an exact yardage to that point giving you instant distances to all the features on the hole. The screen will also display how far will be left to the green when you reach the chosen spot.

The handy shot measurement feature is a must for getting the most of your device. Simply hit the mark button before playing a shot and you will have an exact distance of how far its gone when you arrive at your ball, this helps you to quickly learn how far each club goes.

The Golfbuddy Platinum also comes with a complete 2 year UK warranty for peace of mind.

>GolfBuddy Voice
The innovative GolfBuddy Voice caused quite a stir at the Orlando trade show this year, it is due for launch around April time and is a totally unique product.

It is small enough to be worn like a hat clip and it has a clear LCD screen showing either the front middle or back of the green yardage. It weighs just 30 grams or 1oz and it has a rotating green view to always give you the correct yardage from where you are.

It has an incredible memory given its size of 40,000 golf courses and this little unit will speak your yardage just like a real caddy. It has a volume control and with the push of a button will speak the yardage to either the front, middle or back of the green. Imagine having this little marvel clipped o your hat or belt and being told a pinpoint accurate yardage whenever you need it.

As usual with Golfbuddy the Voice has no download fees or subscriptions and its multi-lingual too. It features automatic course and hole recognition so there is virtually no admin at all with the Voice.

The GolfBuddy voice can also measure your shots in yards or metres so you can quickly learn how far you hit all of your clubs.

A lot of technology packed into this tiny golf GPS rangefinder.

>GolfBuddy World

The GolfBuddy World GPS rangefinder is one of the finest GPS's on the market. It has a large High Resolution Colour, Outdoor Visible, and Full Function Touch Screen. It shows a clear birds eye view of the hole with any yardage available. With the World’s zoom feature you will see all details of the hole.

The GolfBuddy World has a 40,000 golf course storage capability and comes pre-loaded with all the UKs and most of Europes golf courses. The World GPS is ready to use from the box, no downloading and no yearly subscriptions. The World Rangefinder has an automatic course and hole recognition, so it really is very easy to use.

With the GolfBuddy World rangefinder you can record your hole score and also keep track of the all important statistics like fairway hit, putts and sand saves. This will enable you to review your round when you have finished and know where your weaknesses were and know what to work on in the future.

The World GPS Rangefinder comes with ability to measure to and from any point on the hole. The benefit of this is over time you will learn the average distances that you hit each club. This will take any doubt when hitting that all important shot under pressure. This GolfBuddy is a great compact GPS Rangefinder and very easy to use. It really will improve your golf and course management.

>GolfBuddy World Platinum

The GolfBuddy World Platinum is probably the easiest to use GPS Golf rangefinder on the market. It has the capability of holding 40,000 courses and comes pre-loaded with many courses from across the world. It can be used straight from the box with no need to download anything. The Platinum will even recognize what course you are playing when you arrive and turn it on. So there is no messing around searching for the name of the course. Just turn it on and play.

The Platinum model has a large High-Resolution Colour, Outdoor Visible, Full Function Touch Screen. With it’s overhead full hole view it is very easy to get accurate readings and yardage on any part of the hole, not just the usual bunkers and hazards. A great feature of the GolfBuddy is it is so easy to find a yardage to leave your favourite yardage, ie – if your favourite club is a 100yard PW and you have 288 yards left you will know that you have 188 yards to lay up to leave that trusty PW.

The GolfBuddy World Platinum will show Front, Middle and Back of the green yardage. This will help on all approach shots. If the is a bunker or other trouble at the front of the green you will know the exact yardage that you to carry to avoid problems and also the same goes for the back of the green, you will know to hit a club to that will not go over the green.

The GolfBuddy Platinum has a 4 player score card feature and full statistical analysis module to record every aspect of your game. This can only help to reduce those scores.

Here at we strongly believe that using one of the GPS rangefinders or Laser rangefinders will help with your course management and improve your scores. Please contact us for professional advice on what unit is best for your and the UK’s lowest prices.

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