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Galvin green
galvin green golfwear

Galvin Green

Galvin Green has established itself as one of the top brands for golf wear in the world. Specialising in high performance clothing for golfers worldwide.

We stock a huge selection of the latest Galvin Green range including Galvin Green waterproofs and Galvin Green Alf Trousers all available with FREE next working day delivery. Any Galvin Green item you buy from us can be returned for a refund with our no quibble returns policy.

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A brand without compromise renowned for using the very best materials to make the game of golf more comfortable in all conditions.


Galvin Green Articles
>The right gear comes at a price
Its true that Galvin Green is not the most affordable brand in the golf market but in recent years they have firmly established themselves as the most desirable and here are some of the reasons why.

They are truly a company without compromise and they use the very best materials available to them striving to produce the ultimate in golfwear. Their widespread use of the Gore-Tex linings help them produce a range of clothing that is rightly regarded as the very best you can buy for golf. A recent magazine article conducting a review of waterproof suits summed up by suggesting that rather than buy a lesser quality brand you should wait until you can afford the best- Galvin Green. Bearing in mind that many of these sort of articles pay heavy attention to price and value when reviewing then this must be high praise indeed.

As a retailer we have been buying top branded designer clothing for over 20 years and without doubt Galvin Green are the most professional supplier in this field to deal with. We generally buy clothing from all our suppliers twice a year, a Spring/Summer range and an Autumn/Winter. Each range is shown to us about 6 months ahead of its launch and this is where Galvin Green start to show why they have such a stranglehold on the market. When we are shown samples for the coming season many brands will have at least half of the range that is hard to believe that anyone would buy it, with Galvin its clear to see that they have paid so much attention to producing every garment that the range is full of sure fire sellers. This is backed up by an ever improving range of colours and styles that are clearly laid out in brochures and samples that make them a pleasure to deal with.

In all the years of dealing with them we have never received a garment that we have been disappointed with, every piece is made to the very highest manufacturing standards. Over the years we have received countless clothing ranges from loads of different brands and more often than not there are some garments that look they are going to end up on the half price rail. Thanks to Galvin Greens innovative approach to design and attention to detail this will never be the case with them. Furthermore their quality control is such that they have by far and away the lowest returns rate of any of our waterproof suppliers.

>What Galvin Green Means to Me
For my whole golfing life I have always purchased decent golf waterproof jackets and trousers. In my opinion there is nothing worse that playing golf in clothing that doesn't keep the water out.

Pretty much every two years to the day I would buy the very reasonable Footjoy Waterproof suit. These came with a two-year waterproof guarantee and were very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

About 8 years ago I became aware of a new very stylish brand called Galvin Green. Straight away I could tell Galvin Green waterproofs were of a high quality, so I decided to research it further. Galvin Green was a company from Sweden that used the Gore-Tex in all its waterproof pieces. Gore-Tex is a waterproof and breathable fabric that comes with a lifetime warrantee.

Compared to such brand like Footjoy, Proquip and Sunderland, Galvin Green is more expensive but with a lifetime warrantee what have I got to lose I thought!! I purchased the half zip over the head Galvin Green Anton Jacket and the Standard Galvin Green Alf Trousers. These are both part of the Galvin Green Gore Tex Performance Shell range. There Performance Shell range is a two layered product which I believe will be warmer than Galvin Greens single layer Paclite range.

8 Years on and I still have the Galvin Green Anton and Alf wateroofs and they are still going strong. They are like the day that I brought them. Not only are the Galvin Greens great for the most awful winter days but because of their breathability I wear the throughout the UK's wet summers. I cant recommend Galvin Green waterproof highly enough.

By Scott

>Different types of Gore-Tex
When choosing from the large Galvin Green waterproof range you will see two main choices of Gore-Tex lined materials. The first is the paper thin Paclite Shell and the second being the Performance Shell.
The Galvin Green Gore-Tex Paclite shell is a very thin single layer, ultra lightweight and100% waterproof material. It’s so lightweight that whilst on you barely know its there. Gore-Tex is the most waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric out there. The Paclite jacket/trousers will fold up very small and neat, perfect for storing in a golf bag. I think that the  Paclite is a great lightweight waterproof addition when it’s wet, windy but not so cold. 
The Gore-Tex Performance Shell is a two layered, lightweight and and100% waterproof material. It has maximum breathability so can be worn throughout the year. Having two layers the Galvin Green Gore-Tex Performance Shell will be warmer in the colder months, whilst remaining easy to wear and have enough room to swing the club. There is no doubting the quality of this lining and because of its all year round appeal is the stronger seller of the two.

In our typical British climate it is a huge advantage for a golfer to have the right clothing for the conditions and this can make a huge difference to your score, as well as the obvious advantage of finishing the round comfortably.

>The Science of Galvin Green
The world of golf is changing faster than ever before; technology is playing the greatest role it has ever seen in each sporting field. The technology available in golf today is out of this world.

We have seen unbelievable changes in drivers, irons, wedges and golf balls. Using this supreme technology the golfer has ultimately been able to hit the ball further than ever before.

The next step would be to see how the human performs in the elements. The Human body is the most brilliant machine on the planet earth but it does sometimes need a helping hand. A human can regulate its body temperature better and more efficiently than any other living animal or creature but we need all the help we can get when exposed to the elements and this is where Galvin Green step in.


Galvin green use the multi-layer concept in its range of high-tech garments designed to  keep you comfortable on the golf course whatever the weather. Their garments are specifically designed for the game of golf.

Outer shell waterproof layers are designed to provide maximum protection against wind and rain. Whilst allowing moisture and trapped heat inside to escape.

All Galvin Green Gore-Tex waterproof shell layers are totally waterproof, guaranteed to keep you dry in wet weather. The quality of their jackets and trousers are out of this world they will allow you to focus on your golf game.

• Totally waterproof. Guaranteed for life to keep you dry
• Maximum breathability that enables the release of excess heat and moisture.
• Perfect fit and maximum freedom of movement, specially developed for golfers with all different swings and body shapes.
• Soft outer materials that provide comfort and excellent drape characteristics.
• Extremely hard wearing and long lasting.
• Easy to wash and maintain, just regular machine wash and tumble dry.
• Garments that will last as quality is not compromised. 

Gore-Tex consists of a membrane which has more than a billion microscopic pores per square cm! These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule, this means that whilst its completely waterproof from the outside it will still allow moisture and excess heat to escape from the inside.
Galvin Green’s extensive use of Gore-Tex is one of the driving factors behind its success as it is simply the best lining on the market.

>Windstopper Technology
They also do a range of windstopper garments which are totally windproof, effectively protecting against wind chill. Again through maximum breathability moisture vapour can evaporate. This will keep the body performing at its optimum temperature for the weather conditions.

• Totally windproof. Effectively protects against windchill.
• Maximum breathability that allows moisture vapour to evaporate.
• Thermoregulatory function keeps the body at an optimum performance temperature.

The Gore windstopper membrane is an ultra thin, totally windproof protective layer which is laminated to a lightweight textile layer. The membrane is made of the versatile polymer PTFE which is expanded to create a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapour molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered.

Warm layering and Cool layering provides thermal regulation. Galvin green offers the best in golf clothing to keep you performing in any elements. Garments from the Warm and Cool Layer feature extreme breathability and thermoregulation properties to keep your body at optimum performance temperature. This could be in any conditions be hot, sunny, warm, chilly, cold, freezing, raining, heavy rain, and icy rain. Galvin green works!

>Gavin Green multi-layers
Galvin Green has developed a unique Multi-Layer concept which is specifically designed for golfers to mix and match to achieve maximum comfort whatever the weather.

Galvin Greens Multi- Layer concept includes a full range of high-tech garments. The first layer is the Dry Comfort range which includes their base layer garments. This uses Compression Technology aimed to increase blood circulation helping muscles to work to their full potential for longer periods of time. Galvin Green’s base layers are designed to transfer moisture away from the skin to help maintain body heat. Galvin Green base layers come in two different versions; the compression 20 and the compression 10. The compression 20 is an exceptionally breathable garment however it maintains a sleek fit which improves muscle flexibility and reduces the risk of muscle injuries. This layer is therefore ideal for golf in temperatures below 20° C. The
second version is the Compression 10. This is a slightly thicker layer and is designed for cold weather condition below 10° C. It has high-tech hollow fibres which gives the garment a warming effect making it perfect for golf in wintery conditions.

Galvin Greens second layer in its Multi-Layer concept is its Thermal Regulation range. This includes their Insula and Ventil garments. This layer is designed to keep the body warm and comfortable through its excellent thermal insulation properties. It is a soft and stretchy garment that has excellent breathability qualities that help remove excess heat and moisture. The Insula garments are tight-fitting with a 'waffle pattern' interior. The fabric has built-in air chambers which are warmed by the body heat and provide extremely effective and long-lasting thermal insulation. This layer is ideal to go under Galvin Greens GORE-TEX or a WINDSTOPPER jacket. 

The final layer of Galvin Greens Multi-Layer concept is its Outer Protection layer. This includes both its GORE-TEX Water Proof and WINDSTOPPER jacket. The GORE-TEX waterproof jacket is 100% waterproof and guaranteed to keep you dry in any weather conditions. It has been specifically designed for golfers and so it allows a free range of movement and so does not restrict you when swinging. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, demonstrating its durability and resilience. It is also very easy to wash and maintain as it can be washed in a regular washing machine and tumble dryer. Galvin Green’s Windstopper garment is totally windproof and effectively protects against wind-chill. It also has Thermoregulatory function that helps keep body warm and at its optimum performance temperature. It is a very breathable garment as it allows moisture vapour to evaporate helping you to maintain complete comfort. The Windstopper is specifically designed for golfers and thus it is intended to allow freedom of movement without restricting your swing. 

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