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Callaway Woods

Callaway woods are considered amongst the easiest woods to use on the market. We stock a huge range of Callaway Woods in stock for Next Working Day Delivery. Excellent customer service and covered by our unique 30 day money back guarantee.
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Callaway Fairway Woods - Read Our Reviews
>Callaway Razr X Black Fairway Wood

Callaway Razr X Black Fairway Wood Review By: Nick
Handicap: Pro

The Callaway Razr X Black Fairway Wood is a traditional looking head smaller than previous models and for me I think this is the best looking fairway wood in the Callaway range in 2012. It sits for me very neutral to the target and has a good looking black head and a large face area, the Razr X Black Fairway was a low centre of gravity which helps get the ball up in the air. Although this club has a low centre of gravity it has quite a deep face which helps with the clubs hitting area.

The Razr X Black Fairway has Callaway’s own mid torque and mid to low kick 60 gram shaft in which again like the driver is a shaft that is again at the lighter end of the scale in fairway wood shaft weights, the mid to low kick is designed to help get the ball in the air again with minimum spin helping the ball stay straighter and up there for longer.

Callaway have this year chosen to put a Callaway Crested golf pride multi compound grip on there fairway wood this grip was ever popular in 2011 and adds value and quality to this club. I would have imagined that Callaway’s target market for the Razr X Black fairway would be the mid to high handicapper but now I have hit this fairway I would believe this fairway to be suitable for golfers of all abilities.

Callaway Razr X Black Fairway Wood Review By: Robbie
Handicap: 3

The Callaway Razr X Black Fairway has a fantastic traditional looking head which I felt created an enormous amount of ball speed off of the face, precisely what I'm looking for in a fairway wood. The shaft however was slightly weak which meant I didn't get as much control as I perhaps would have wanted but with the correct shaft in I would definitely put one of these in my bag.

I also felt the RAzr X Black Fairway was very forgiving, something which I think is hard to find in a fairway wood. I hit one slightly off the bottom off the face and it still went just as far as it would have done out the middle and nobody would have known otherwise!

Callaway Razr X Black Fairway Wood Review By: Keith
Handicap: 7

Wow! This was impressive, dead easy to hit and launches the ball much further than I could have hoped for off the deck. This fairway wood has really inspired confidence as I feel even if I miss-hit it will still go straight and fairly long. Love the way it lifts the ball in the air so easily as normally I struggle a bit with a 3 wood and find I have to work harder to get a decent ball flight from the deck which often causes me to be a bit wayward.

I can't believe how much Callaway have improved with this fairway wood compared to the model I had from 2 years ago, the distance it gives me is significantly more and it just seems much easier, that in turn has quickly helped me gain confidence in this club. The Razr X Black fairway woods will be appearing in my golf bag next time I play, they look impressive as well and I think Callaway has done a great job on the styling. The ball appears highlighted against the face even when its sitting down and one of the best things is that I will have confidence in using a 3 wood out of rough which I would never attempt with my old clubs.

I can see the Razr X black being top sellers this year as I think they will appeal to a wide range of golfers, high handicaps will find them very forgiving but I think single figured players will find it hard to resist the extra distance and ease of use that these fairway woods offer.

>Callaway Razr Fit Fairway Wood

Callaway Razr Fit Fairway Wood Review By: Robbie
Handicap: 3

This Callaway fairway has a very small head and while that’s good when you’re playing well and feeling confident I think if your timing was a little off you would struggle to strike it consistently. Having said that if you were on your game I could think of no better fairway wood to use as the Razr Fit flies with such a powerful ball flight and sounds great when hit out the middle.

The Callaway Razr Fit Fairway Wood also has the benefit of being adjustable. So if you were struggling with a particular shot e.g. a slice, you can change the clubhead to closed to help compensate, a benefit not too many other clubs have. If you’re a confident fairway wood player this definitely the club for you!

Callaway Razr Fit Fairway Wood Review By: Nick
Handicap: Pro

The Razr Fit fairway wood is a great looking head, its quite a small head but very appealing to hit the club sits neutral at set up which for me is a massive positive, this club however is adjustable to enable the player to set the club up to how the player likes it to sit its options are neutral, open and closed. The flight off the Razr Fit Fairway wood is very strong and powerful, although it has a small head I still found this fairway relatively easy to hit both off a tee and off the fairway, I also believe that this club would be good at cutting through the rough due to its sole aerodynamics and design.

This Razr Fit Fairway has a mid torque, mid/low kick 60 gram shaft which Callaway found to perform best in this club, the shaft gives the club a very solid feel and the club is very well weighted.

Callaway in 2012 in there Razr Fit range have decided to put a Callaway Crested golf pride multi compound red grip which adds quality to the club this grip was the most popular grip in golf in 2011 and is a step forward for Callaway.

I Believe that this club is designed for the single figure handicapper or the golfer that is comfortable with a smaller club head and wants a solid and penetrating ball flight.

Callaway Razr Fit Fairway Wood Review By: Keith
Handicap: 7

I loved the look of this Callaway fairway wood it just sits perfectly and has a real traditional looking design. Whilst it looks very inviting to hit I think I would have preferred a slightly larger head but I think this will have massive appeal to the more confident fairway wood player.

The shaft feels very solid at impact and I did get a very nice ball flight, a little bit lower than the Razr X Black but it still went an impressive distance and I think it would get a lot more run in the summer months. This looks just the ticket for the golfer who wants to keep the ball down a bit and perhaps has the ability to control the ball flight with a fade or draw etc.

I had a go with making adjustments to the head with the wrench and it does change the ball flight quite significantly but personally I would only ever want to keep it on the neutral setting. Callaway have fitted the Golf Pride New Decade to this fairway wood which is my favourite grip and I think that makes the club feel instantly better when thats the case.

Judging purely on the looks and performance I would be tempted to add the Razr Fit fairway to my golf bag although I would prefer the head to be slightly bigger to help improve confidence of the deck.


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